About Us

Applecroft Public School, located in Ajax Ontario is a part of The Durham District School Board (DDSB). 

Mission statement

Applecroft Public School prepares students for the future through continuous growth, while emphasizing care and concern for self and others. Our strong school and community relationship promotes respect for the environment, enthusiasm for learning, and a strong sense of self confidence and security. We are committed to ensuring that learning experiences provide students with opportunities where they can achieve to their greatest potential while adapting to a diverse and ever-changing society.

To meet the needs of our diverse student population, staff and administrators at Applecroft Public School collaborate with parents and guardians to provide the highest quality of education possible for all students.


Principal’s message

Welcome to Applecroft!

Our staff continue to focus on our students as individuals. At Applecroft education does not mean just teaching people what they do not know.  On the contrary, it means training them to think, to explore and question ideas and events. It is a continual and challenging task to be done by kindness, by watching, by warning, by precept and by praise, but above all, by example. Example has a great impact on the way children behave and what they value at home and at school. Children watch adults closely and learn many ways of acting by imitating the actions of adults.

We are very proud of the way our students have represented our school on educational trips, at sporting events and during special activities and encourage them to continue to look to their role models, their parents and teachers as they develop their own sense of identity.

 Mr. Pittman